CakePHP and Smarty(ies)

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Joe Topjian has written a tutorial about using Smarty, a template engine, with CakePHP. If you ever wanted to use Smarty with CakePHP, go for it! But be warned, there are some restrictions (e.g. no access to the html helper).

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  • Yoeri

    I wonder why you should use a template engine on top of CakePHP? The V in MVC is just like a template engine, not? At least the design is seperated. (beginner’s question :-))

  • cakebaker

    @Yoeri: In my opinion there is no reason to use a template engine on top of CakePHP. But there are people out there who like something like smarty. So if you want to use smarty with CakePHP, you can do it, but personally I don’t recommend it.

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