CakePHP is the number 3 of PHP MVC frameworks…

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… at least according to mustaphas post Top 10 PHP MVC frameworks. He writes about CakePHP:

CakePHP is very promising, the only problem – really, I don’t know if it is a problem – is: the development process is very slow.

Hm, I cannot say if the development process is slow compared with other frameworks, but what I see is that there is a steady progress. What do you think?

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  • Alexander Flatter

    I think it seems slow because a lot is not really done yet / a lot needs to be fixed.
    It would also be nice if there were more components/plugins etc, which would show that there’s an active community.

  • Joe

    I’m not sure where the feeling of slow progress is coming from, either. If you try and make a full site using Cake, you’ll see that it’s pretty complete already. Maybe people are looking for push-button or one-line-code solutions?

  • cakebaker

    @Alexander: you find some components/helpers on CakeForge and in the wiki. But you are right, there could be more of them, I think it is merely a matter of time.

  • Nate

    I think it’s more likely that this mustap guy just isn’t paying attention.

  • Troy

    Progress slow? I think he is wanting a port of RoR and is comparing what features that CakePHP doesn’t have that RoR does and doesn’t see progress of them coming in. I have seen lightening progress of CakePHP since I started using in Dec. Any bug in the code, get on IRC, and PHPNut has it posted back to the trunk next day. I think people get caught up in the bells and whistles. But that is what I like best about CakePHP, no bells and whistles just what you need to work. I mean even AJAX helper!

  • sosa

    I think is all a matter of marketing, CakePHP is the best framework but it’s marketing hasn’t been the best.

    * It needs some killer app
    * It needs some killer tutorials
    * Screencasts would be cool

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