Let’s crash Firefox!

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Today I was able to crash Firefox with a very simple JavaScript. That is the JavaScript:

<script type="text/javascript">
function sayHello() 

Well, that script works as expected if you have it in a “normal” view. But it leads to a “Segmentation fault” (and therefore to a crash of Firefox) if the same script is in a view you return with Ajax. I think the problem is the “eval” function of JavaScript as it seems it cannot execute custom functions (I am not a JavaScript expert so that is only a guess). I solved the problem with moving the JavaScript function to the “normal” view. So I have in the view I return with Ajax only the call to my function:

<script type="text/javascript">

That works :)

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  • Felix Geisendörfer

    dare you, how can one crash the poor fox on purpose and be mean enough to post about it on your blog : (.

    Just have a look at the little guy and I’m sure you’ll start to regret your deeds instantly:

    No but serious, I have some troubles with my fox right now too. It started to become more and more instable and I have the bad feeling that using 14 extensions at a time could be part of the reason … : / But I need them all ^^.

    Anyway, I think eval doesn’t work with functinos inside as well, so that could most likely be the problem.


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