Release Candidate 4 of CakePHP is available

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Release Candidate 4 of CakePHP has been released. Nate already described some of the new features in a comment. Some other new features are:

The functions “dayOptionTag()”, “monthOptionTag()” and “yearOptionTag()” in the HtmlHelper have got an additional parameter “showEmpty”, to show or hide the empty select option.

In the model, the functionality for the “recursive” parameter used by different functions like findAll() has been implemented.

It is now possible to define a table prefix in the database configuration file:

var $default = array('driver'   => 'mysql',
                         'connect'  => 'mysql_pconnect',
                         'host'     => 'localhost',
                         'login'    => 'user',
                         'password' => 'password',
                         'database' => 'project_name',
                         'prefix'   => '');

But I think the most important new feature is the introduction of the plugin concept. Unfortunately, there exists no documentation for that feature yet… I added a small piece of documentation given by PhpNut in the announcement to the wiki as a startpoint for more documentation.

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