An Ajax task list with CakePHP

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Graham Bird has written a nice tutorial about creating a simple task list with CakePHP and Ajax. There is also a live demo available at

Update 2008-12-13: Tutorial link now points to Please be aware that this tutorial is quite old and it may no longer work with current versions of CakePHP!

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  • Drew Lewis

    I can’t get this script to work anymore in firefox
    it was working before the upgrade and your example on your site works fine. I downloaded the latest scriptaculous and i still can’t get my copy to work again, which was working fine before.

    I think this is a great example just wondering if anyone else has/had this issue with firefox

  • cakebaker

    It works for me with Firefox

  • Mohamed Zeid

    The tutorial is not available anymore. Is there any way to publish it here?

  • cakebaker

    @Mohamed: Thanks for the hint! The link now points to, from where the tutorial is still available.

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