Release Candidate 5 of CakePHP is available

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Maybe you already heard it: RC5 of CakePHP is available. The major changes are (from the announcement):

  • ability to put /app and /cake core directory anywhere, check out /app/webroot/index.php
  • /vendors can be in the same place as cake or inside app
  • /tmp is now inside /app
  • better plugin setup
  • take recursive as far as you want on any association
  • Deletes for HABTM, hasMany, and hasOne
  • Request Component
  • Ajax edit in place and slider control

One point is missing in the announcement: there is better support for PostgreSQL (also it is still experimental). Test it, and write bug reports to make it even better ;-)

If you use PHPEclipse as IDE, you will notice it displays errors. They are easy to fix, and there exists a patch. So, happy baking :)

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