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This weekend I wanted to try the symfony project. They offer a “My first symfony project” tutorial together with a special download (symfony sandbox), which should contain all required libraries. Well, that is not completely true, as Pear must be installed. After installing Pear I was able to request the “congratulations page” and to do the scaffolding part of the tutorial. But the framework was slow, really slow (it took around 5-6 seconds to display these simple pages). Although they write in the readme file that the dev environment is slower than the default environment, it is a little bit too slow for me ;-)

Anyway, there was no forthcoming for me due to problems with accessing the database. Symfony could not open the SQLite database. So I tried to switch to MySQL, and changed the database configuration in config/databases.yml. But for some reason symfony still generated code for SQLite. And so I gave up ;-)

Even though I will give it another try with the default installation.

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  • anonymous coward, jk :-)

    the problem with sql-lite is a permission issue, chmod 777 the data folder and all should be well. obviously this is not a solution for a true production environment.

    the coding issue is probably because you need to set the database in the sf_sandbox/config/database.yml.

  • not important

    clearly – a framework having problems with such basic things like database access is failing.

  • anonymous symfonian

    Firstly, symfony doesn’t introduce its own orm but comes with propel as default. pear dependency issue is actually related to phing library which is being used by the propel-generator commands. 5-6 seconds of page loading was because of the paranoid yaml parsing in development environment which is not an issue anymore with 0.6.1 (now only a configuration file-modification triggers parsing, not every request). And a relatively young framework with ever growing community interest and support is clearly a success.

  • recent comparison

    I recently spent a couple days with each framework and selected symfony. Yes, its installation is a pain and you need to get used to propel/yaml/etc but I believe it’s better than CakePHP for the professional development of large applications.

  • worksforme
  • joe

    You have time to post comments like these in your blog, but no more time to give to a great framework. Post something worthwhile.

  • cakebaker

    @joe: Thanks for your feedback. Well, what I described was my very first impression of the symfony project. Not more, not less. And if you read this post carefully, you will find something worthwhile: that you have to install Pear before you can install the symfony sandbox, something I was not aware as a complete symfony newbie ;-)

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