Building Cake Bakery

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Today, PhpNut started a project called “Cake Bakery”. The goal of this project is to develop an application in six steps and to document these steps. The application should allow users to publish articles and to comment these articles (and maybe it will replace the wiki). The first step, creating the scaffolded application, is already done. You find the project at (you can also add comments). I am looking forward to the next steps :)

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  • Scott Jangro

    Excellent. IMO, this is exactly the sort of thing that’s needed to give CakePHP a boost. Most (all?) of the tutorials so far, at least that I’ve seen, are too basic with no associations, etc.

    Looking at the schema in step 1, this is going to be good.

  • Gustavo Carreno

    Finally some true insight on how associations work in a real world application: The Ever Lasting On-Line Store !!

    I’m bursting with exitment !

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