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In the latest version from trunk ( Did you notice the version number? The next release will be version 1.0, and not 0.10) there are some new features. A new function “am()” has been added to the convenient functions in basics.php. It merges a group of arrays into one array as you can see below:

 * Merge a group of arrays
 * @param array First array
 * @param array Second array
 * @param array Third array
 * @param array Etc...
 * @return array All array parameters merged into one
function am ()

Nate has already mentioned the new “Security” component in a comment with some explanations. This component is now available in the trunk.

A new callback function, “beforeValidate”, has been added to the model. Also the “$limit = 50” has been removed from the “findAll” function.

There are also some enhancements in the field of caching. So a new constant “CACHE_CHECK” has been added to “core.php”. And it seems that views are cached, too, as there is a new folder “app/tmp/cache/views”.

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