Comparison of ten PHP frameworks

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Dennis Pallett compares in an article ten popular PHP frameworks. He writes about CakePHP:

CakePHP is mostly an advanced MVC framework, with a few extra modules added on top. It can handle most of the database stuff for you, and it includes support for Ajax and data validation. It also has a unique user authentication module called ‘Access Lists’, which can be used to give different users access to different parts of your CakePHP website.

This framework seems quite thorough and ready for use, although the CakePHP website is extremely confusing. There doesn’t seem to be a stable version yet, which is a bit surprising since it’s been in development for months now, but I guess it’s probably possible to use the beta version on a production website as well.

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  • Gustavo Carreno

    From the chart and the comments, looks like CakePHP is not that far behind on more “mature” frameworks!!!
    Let’s continue to give support to this, most usefull and passion compelling, framework: CakePHP !! HURRAY !!!!

  • wassim

    I agree with the webite confusion.

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