New components and CakeForge projects

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In the past few days two components have been published, and five new projects have been started.

Let us begin with the components.

Konstantin Mikhaylov has written a component which allows you to store application configuration data in a file.

A component to create zip files on the fly has been published by shaunster. Miguel Ros has improved this component and uploaded it to CakeBin.

You can see in the previous example the advantage of publishing your code: you get valuable feedback.

So, let’s go to the new CakeForge projects.

oneLocation: The goal of oneLocation is to provide a groupware to manage contacts, documents, notes, and emails.

Webmosher: Webmosher is a project to create a system for managing music collections.

CakePHP Documentation: Allows you to download the manual in several file formats (chm, pdf, zip).

Syndicure: A web-based RSS reader.

TinyAuth: Another attempt to build an easy to use authorization solution.

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