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I am sure you have noticed that the CakePHP wiki is down. It seems that it won’t come back. Here a transcript of the related discussion from the IRC log from yesterday (I removed unrelated stuff):

16:26:39 W|cked: Anyone know when the wiki will be back up? 
16:27:57 PhpNut_: More then likely I will not be putting it back online 
16:32:11 W|cked: Why? 
16:32:40 PhpNut_: it is very unorganized 
16:32:49 W|cked: Was it of any use? 
16:32:55 PhpNut_: yes parts of it 
16:32:58 W|cked: =\ 
16:33:02 PhpNut_: and those will be saved 
16:33:13 PhpNut_: and added the another app 

So, we have to be patient :) In the meantime, use the manual, the API, or join #cakephp on

Update (2006-04-28): As mikv already commented: the wiki is back. The tutorials are all available, but a lot of pages have been removed in the docs section.

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  • mememe

    since when a wiki is supposed to be “organized”??

  • spiceee

    right on. i was in the middle of a project and using the tutorials for fast reference when the site went down. luckily, all of them were in google’s cache.

    i’m newbie to cake but have some experience with rails and have been using php forever and i found that the info on the wiki was most useful, along with the manual.

  • h3raLd

    That was a bit sudden… I hope they save the good tutorials, but still, I personally found the information on the wiki more updated normally. Plus, if someone wanted to contribute with a quick howto he could just post it there…

    Personally I disagree with the decision, but we’ll see what happens :)

  • Zack

    I absolutley agree. It was resource regardless if some found it unorganized. If it needed improvement why couldn’t improvement been done on the side and then rolled out so as not to leave anyone hanging…

  • mikv

    hmm… Wiki is on-line… But great part of content is pulled down

  • mika76

    Personally I would prefer if they just combined the 2 wikis (trac and the cake wiki) into trac. But then again that has been discussed before and they were’nt too happy about the idea. I wonder if that’s what they’re doing now?

  • cakebaker

    @mika76: I assume that the cakebakery ( will replace the cake wiki in the near future. But it is a speculation ;-)

  • Larry E. Masters aka PhpNut


    You are correct, the wiki itself is so unorganized, and alot of the articles there are not very easy to understand and sometimes totally incorrect.

    What will happen is the bakery will be placed online and some of the articles on the wiki add to it. Then the wiki will be removed.

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