A comparison of Rails-inspired PHP frameworks

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Fabio Cevasco (aka h3rald) has written an interesting article in which he compares different Rails-inspired PHP frameworks. The frameworks he compares are: CakePHP, Symfony, PHP on Trax, Code Igniter, Biscuit, and Pipeline. Of course, such comparisons are always subjective, but if you are evaluating such frameworks, the article could be a good starting point.

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  • Tom

    first of all,no hard feelings here.
    I have a question:(maybe i misunderstood the concept of weblogs)
    As an intrested cakebaker i have subscribed all the blogs out there about cake, but in last days i wonder why.
    1 guy makes a (great) post on his blog, the next 2-12hours i get updates on rss feed about posts on the other blogs containing information that blog1 has a new post, makes no really huge sense to me :/

  • cakebaker

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yes, it happens that I link to posts in other cake-related blogs (and so do others). But it is very moderate, and I think it is a good thing. If I mention a post of another blogger, then it is because I think that post could be interesting for the readers of this blog (I do not assume that everyone which reads this blog does also read the other blog). And yes, it is one of the “concepts” of weblogs to link to good stuff ;-)

  • Tom

    OK, got the thing.

    Maybe it’s only annoying ’cause i concentrate on cake too much, and since there aren’t [put huge number here] new things about cake each day i’ve time to interpret other opinions to same news ;)
    Just see the positive of it =)

    Thanks for your answer and keep up good blogging work bro!

  • h3raLd

    Thanks for mentioning my article in your blog Richard, I hope more people will start learning more about PHP frameworks in general (and Cake in particular) after reading it.

    URL of the corresponding Digg entry:

  • cakebaker

    @h3raLd: My name is not Richard ;-)

  • h3raLd

    *Daniel…! Ooops, sorry, I got confused :/

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