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Today, two CakePHP screencasts have been published. The first one features step 2 of building the cake bakery, and the second one features the blog tutorial.

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  • rossoft

    Cool! good addition to cake’s doc

  • sosa

    I’ve just seen John’s video. It’s cool but a little too long (I always get bored with movies wich ending I already know ;)

    With the tutorial I confirm something I always said: flash method is broken. John entering the index url directly into the address bar is annoying.

    BTW, Somebody knows why $html->link() is not used?

  • sosa

    Sorry. Just to clarify: the dlash method is not broken in is code, it works as its coded to work. I just think that it could be better from a usability standpoint.

  • cakebaker

    @sosa: Talk with PhpNut and/or open a ticket for that.

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