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Joel Moss has published a first version of Cake Migrations, a port of Rails Migrations. What are (Rails) migrations? Steve Eichert provides a good explanation in his post “Ruby on Rails Migrations Explained”:

Rails Migrations allow developers to define the changes to their database using a domain specific language that abstracts the change away from a single database platform. It tracks the changes using versions and allows for developers to migrate a database to any given version. Additionally migrations can be used to update both developers workstations as well as to apply changes to production databases.

Of course, Cake Migrations is at the moment in a very early stage and so it lacks a lot of the features Rails Migrations offers. But anyway, if you are curious about Cake Migrations, read the tutorial and/or download it from CakeForge.

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  • Joel Moss

    Hey thanks for the mention. You should see Cake Migrations being drasticly improved ever the next few days and next week. At the moment, you can only create and drop tables, but I am working on the ability to add/remove/alter columns, insert/remove data and run raw SQL all from within the migration files.

    Thanks again.

  • oth


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