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I just saw on the redesigned website of the Cake Software Foundation that it is possible to become a CakePHP certified engineer. Whoa!

From the certification page:

With growing popularity of CakePHP, you can benefit from becoming a CakePHP certified engineer. CakePHP certified engineers will be listed below and will be able to use the CakePHP trademark when promoting their services. The fee for certification is $150.
Becoming a CakePHP certified engineer is easy.
1. Build an application in CakePHP
2. Refactor your code
3. Tell us why you want to be a certified and what you did to get your application going
4. Zip or Tar your application
5. Submit your application to certification at cakefoundation dot org
We will review the application, and either certify you as a developer or ask you to refactor some more. You will have the opportunity to submit the same application 3 times.
We look for:
1. strict following of the CakePHP coding standards
2. maximum re-use of code
3. clean use of associations
4. clean controllers
5. minimized logic in views

If you are fast, you can become the first CakePHP certified engineer ;-)

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  • carobert

    It sounds a little cheesy to me… I think its a little too early to be offering “certification”. It just went stable less than a month ago! Maybe trying to make some cash?

  • gwoo

    So, is there anything wrong with trying to help out the community, whille generating some income to continue developing the project? Are you using CakePHP to build websites that you make money from? You could always donate instead of trying to become certified.

    Certification is good. The API is stable and thus the reason why certification is offered now instead of 6 months ago when beta came out.

  • Ryan

    $150 lol

  • Akshay

    i’m going to become a ‘CakePHP certified engineer’ as soon as I finish developing my killer website and make $150 profits! Don’t care if I’m the first or last… ;) CakePHP RULES! ’nuff said!

  • Matt

    Might be good to have a jobs board where a cake user can pay a certified engineer to give more sustained help than can be found otherwise. Help pay for the $150..

    I for one would be interested in paying for support on some of my larger projects.

  • Device Developer

    We develop on CakePHP and are insterested in obtaining this certificate. But would like to know a few things.

    1. If we submit the code of our website, will it be kept safe? or you will apply Creative Commons License to it and distribute?
    2. We are a team of engineers and build large sites. So who will be certified? An engineer or our company?

    Thank you.

  • cakebaker

    @Device Developer: I’m not sure whether this certification is worth anything. So far I don’t have seen any certified cake dev, and it is almost 4 years since I wrote this article…

    I am not able to answer your questions as I’m not involved in this certification thing. It is probably best to contact the Cake Software Foundation directly.

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