Cameleon & Butler

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It seems to me that almost everyone is trying to write his own content management system (CMS). Since my last post about projects on CakeForge, two new CMS projects were started: Cameleon – The tiny tree-based CMS, and Butler, a CMS for community based portals.

I wonder how long it will take until a widely accepted CakePHP CMS will emerge ;-)

Beside these two CMS projects, another project was started: Oregon Donor. The goal of this project is to build a donation management system for non-profit organisations.

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  • Olivvv

    I don’t aim the produce the leading cake CMS. Just a small thing easily modifiable, that allows to set up quickly small to medium websites.

  • mexicobrant

    I looked through all the Cake pages for these upcoming CMSs. There doesn’t seem to be too much activity, but I suppose it’s just getting going. I agree with Olivvv that I just want something that’s small and modifiable.

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