Five new projects on CakeForge

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In the last two weeks five new projects have been started on CakeForge. So let’s have a short look at them.

hostadm: I am not quite sure what the goal of this project is. The project description is rather vague: “A system for systems administrators to keep track of systems.” Not bad to use the word “system” thrice in one sentence ;-)

EasyAuth: EasyAuth tries to simplify the user authentication process. Unfortunately, there is no code available yet.

CompSoc Website: CompSoc Website contains the source of the website of the social club for computer science students of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. In fact, it is a blog. You can see it in action at or download the first release.

Cheesecake Photoblog: As the name says the goal of this project is to build a photoblog.

CakeX – xajax in CakePHP: This is not really a new project as it already existed for some time as a snippet package. It allows you to use xajax in CakePHP.

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