Using bake with (PHP)Eclipse

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Lately, Matt posted in a thread with the title “cool editors for using with cakephp” a tip for using bake from within PHPEclipse:

  • Choose “Run”, “External Tools”, “External Tools…”
  • Select “Program” and create a new configuration with “New”

There are two ways to configure such a configuration:

Location: /usr/bin/php
Working Directory: <where_cake_is>/cake/scripts
Arguments: bake.php

Or if your bake script is executable:

Location: <where_cake_is>/cake/scripts/bake.php
Working Directory: <where_cake_is>/cake/scripts
Arguments: none

After the configuration you can run bake with “Run”, “External Tools”, “<the_name_you_have_chosen_for_the_configuration>”.

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