A simple SOAP example

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The code in this post is derived from the example presented in the article “Using PHP5’s SOAP Support”. You find explanations there, I will only describe some CakePHP specific things.

Most of the action happens in the model. As our model uses a webservice and not a table, we have to set “var $useTable = false;”.

// app/models/amazon.php
class Amazon extends AppModel
    var $useTable = false;
    function search($keyword)
        $client = new SoapClient("
        $params = array('keyword'     => $keyword,  
                        'page'        => 1,
                        'mode'        => 'books',
                        'tag'         => '',
                        'type'        => 'lite',
                        'devtag'      => 'YOUR_DEV_TAG');
        return $client->KeywordSearchRequest($params); 

The controller is simple and self-explanatory:

// app/controllers/amazon_controller.php
class AmazonController extends AppController
    function index()
        $this->set('results', $this->Amazon->search('php pattern'));

The same is true for the view: it is simple. Please notice that it doesn’t use the usual array syntax to access the data.

// app/views/amazon/index.thtml
foreach ($results->Details as $product)
    echo $product->ProductName . '<br />';

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