Updating multiple divs with Ajax. Without crashing Firefox

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In an earlier post I showed you how you can update multiple divs with Ajax. But there was one problem: it crashed Firefox on my machine, and other people reported the same problem, whereas it worked for others…

In a comment, Josh Southern, pointed me to the cause of the problem: the “latest” version, 1.4, of prototype, the Javascript framework used by CakePHP, caused the problem. After replacing the prototype library with the latest version (1.5.0_rc final) provided with script.aculo.us, the example worked fine with Firefox. Thanks to Josh for the hint!

Update (2006-10-01): Corrected links.

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  • Dat Chu

    I have updated my /app/webroot/js to the latest version of .js files downloaded from Script.aculo.us website. However, this does not fix the problem since in my Firefox (2.0.sth), only the first div get updated.

    Firefox runs just fine however.

  • cakebaker

    @Dat Chu: Hm, here it works fine with the latest version of scriptaculous and FF 2.0. Maybe you will have more luck in the Google Group…

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