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My latest post about projects on CakeForge was two months ago. Since then several new projects were started. Here a short overview.

BehaviourJS Helper: As its name says it is a helper for the Behaviour JavaScript library, a library that allows you to apply JavaScript to your HTML elements by using CSS selectors. There is already a release available.

MiniCalendar: The goal of this project is to provide a calendar for CakePHP.

XML Parser Component: It is obvious what the goal of that project is: to create an XML parser component. I don’t know how it will differ from the XML parser that is part of the coming 1.2 version of CakePHP.

Qubix CMS: The goal of this project is to create a CMS for Flash sites.

Capadonna: This is another Flash project. From the project description: “CakeAMFPHP / Actionscript Type Mapping System. Client side type mapping system to convert Cake data to and from typed flash objects via CakeAMFPHP remoting.”

DojoHelper: Another helper for a JavaScript library, this time for the Dojo Javascript Toolkit.

hdCalendar Plugin: Another calendar. In contrast to the aforementioned MiniCalendar project there is already some code available (

CakeForum: The goal of this project is obvious: to create a forum application.

As always, good luck to these developers :)

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