A project ends, a project starts

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Some time ago I started the findABaker job board project. At that time I set myself a deadline for September 15, to decide about its future. It was planned to charge a small fee for posting a job offer from that point on. Well, in the meantime I changed my mind ;-)

I shut down the site, put the project on hold, and started a new project. This new project is inspired by an idea used at PHPDeveloper.org. You can submit job offers, and I post them once a week here in my blog for free (but a possible donation is of course welcome *g*). See http://cakebaker.42dh.com/jobs for more info. I will test it for 30 days, and then I will decide how to move on.

Ok, here is the first job offer:

Software Engineer
Columbus, Ohio, USA

We’re a Columbus, OH based start-up company looking for entrepreneurial developers to join our Team. Although our website is not yet complete, we have Fortune 500 clients and 3,000 pre-registered users. We’re releasing Beta in about a month.

We’re looking for somebody that has in depth knowledge of Cake. Experience with AJAX and/or website security is a big plus. Although we prefer people that are willing to work in Columbus, remote development is not out of the question. You must be passionate, energetic and willing to put your heart and sole into this application.

In terms of compensations, the possibilities include partial ownership in the company, deferred payment and/or cash.

If you feel that you have the motivation and passion necessary to see a start up through to success, then contact us through email. (guy.jacks@lifeagora.com)

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