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We are looking for an experienced web developer to assist our in house developer in creating a new service (Search Engine Analyst). The need is immediate to start ASAP.

The project requires at least intermediate (2-5 years) of experience with both PHP and javascript in a LAMP environment. Canidadate should be familiar with writing basic MySQL queries that include selects and joins.

Ideally, the programmer will have experience in coding in CakePHP or another MVC framework. Working from our office in North County, San Diego at least two times per week to faciliate communication would be extremely helpful.

Please provide at least two references with contact name, phone and email address. The references should be for projects completed within the last year.

(1) Do you have any experience in CakePHP or any other MVC framework?
(2) Can you work in our Escondido office at least twice per week for
the duration of the project? Project should last 12-15 weeks.
(3) What do you consider to be your greatest technical strength?

Primary Skill: Web Development/Programming
Additional Skills: javascript, PHP, MySQL
Type of Website: Professional Services (Doctors / Lawyers / CPAs / Others)
Additional Skills: MVC framework such as CakePHP would be extremely helpful

Hourly Pay Rate: $41 – $60
Position Research, Inc.
Search engine results by research
tel: (760) 480-8291 fax: (760) 480-8271

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  • kabturek

    Hmm is a 50$/hour a standard in USA ? Man i really must move away from Poland … i get 10$/hour :/

    but anyway – thanks for ppublishing these great offers.

  • Felix Geisendörfer

    kabturek: Well you don’t have to move unless you want to live somewhere else. If you are a skilled web developer and fluent in english you can pretty much work for people all over the world, including the United States. So your wage is highly coupled to your skills in making international business contacts ; ).

    In fact I know that some people in web development and similiar fields move to Mexico or other cheap countries to get a higher standard of living while still having the same income.

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