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Since my last post about new projects on CakeForge, seven new projects were started (so a total of 70 projects are hosted on CakeForge now):

BakeUI: As its name indicates, this project is about creating a (Windows) user interface for bake. I am wondering myself how such a user interface will look like, so I hope there will be a screenshot soon ;-)

Locale Component: The goal of the Locale Component project is “to provide simplified internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) facilities to CakePHP developers”. As there is no code available yet it is difficult to say how it will differ from the i18n support in the coming 1.2 version of CakePHP.

Trad1: I am not sure what this project is about. The project description is: “A small community for the closest friends”. Sounds like a kind of social networking application.

magnetcrm: The goal of this project is to build a CRM (customer relationship management) application for small businesses.

Payment by results analysis system: Again a project where I don’t know what it is about. Here the project description: “An analysis system for UK NHS payments by results data at the practice level. Aims to provide both analysis and validation against practice held data.”

Project Management system a la netoffice: The title says all: the goal is to create a project management application similar to NetOffice.

Pocky: CakePHP on a Stick: The goal of this project is to create a package with Lighttpd, PHP, and CakePHP, which you can run directly from an USB stick. You can find more information about this project in a post in the author’s blog.

Good luck to the developers of those projects :)

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