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Up to now I lived according to Winston Churchill’s motto “No sports”. But a hiking weekend in the Alps taught me that I have to work on my condition ;-)

So I decided to follow Steve Pavlina’s “30 Days to Success” approach (thanks to Felix for mentioning that link some times ago) to integrate some sport into my daily life. But what sport? Jogging? Cycling? Something different?

Well, I decided to do rope skipping, mainly because I can do it indoors and outdoors. So I do not have any excuses for not doing it when the weather is cold and/or rainy. I started with 50 jumps per session, and since then I could increase this number continually. At the beginning I did just one such session per day. But in the meantime, I do several sessions per day because I learnt that it is a good way to clear my mind and to get new ideas. And it feels good :)

What do you do to stay or to become fit?

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  • KesheR

    Rope skipping! What a good idea!!

  • Felix Geisendörfer

    Ha, I actually bought myself a rope too since the whether sometimes doesn’t allow me to go jogging, and it’s something I can easily do several times a day.

    Anyway, I haven’t used it as much as I should recently, so I’m off doing some rope skipping … ; ).

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Pokoka

    This year I took up Freedive spearfishing, then Yoga … now Kyokushin Karate. Thats 10 years after I first started to plant my arse in front of a computer to write code.

    I’ve heard the “mind and body” crap for years, but it’s not until you actually do it before you realise it’s not crap after all lol.

    I want a jump rope now ;)

    Is there a testing framework for CakePHP?

  • as230

    Walk, jog, run – that’s all I do. I used to walk from home to the subway station, the way from where I get off from the subway to my office, and the same routes on going back home. Makes around 4km or so everyday!

    Don’t be surprised by the 4km figure – every km takes only around 10 mins for an average person, and if you read carefully you’ll this 4km is very very easy to add up.

    On holidays I usually go for jogging on the streets too, as part of my holiday enjoyment in addition to dining outside.

    By the way, don’t forget those stretching exercises the physicians taught you too :)

  • Matti Putkonen

    Lifting weights. Got my power rack, barbell, kettlebells and dumbells less than 1 meter from computer.

  • ryan

    diet mtn. dew and cigarettes

  • scoby

    I started training in bujinkan a few months ago.
    It’s an old style japanese martial art and getting through a class, interacting with people is much more fun than exercise machines in a gym.

    I’m hoping to get the habit of exercise and maybe then I can branch out into more self motivated/solo training.

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