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If you ever visited the CakePHP irc channel (#cakephp on, you probably know the CakeBin application, this small useful application where you can paste your code to discuss it in the channel. A new version of this tool is coming with a better design and some new features (tags, search). And with a new url: It is not finished yet, but it looks cool :)

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  • Walker Hamilton

    Yeah. It looks pretty nice.

    My real question is: “So where’s the cakeBot?”

  • kabturek

    >My real question is: “So where’s the cakeBot?”
    PhpNut is investing 6 M $ to improve CakeBot so he could be like

    The process is possible thanks to the recent donations for the CakePhp project.

    ETA of the new bot is unknown.

    By popular demand the old CakeBot has been restored for the time beeing but because of the dissapearence he has amnesia and doesn’t remember few lines ;)

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