Five new CakeForge projects

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Once again a list of newly started projects on CakeForge:

photozhaba: I don’t know what the goal of this project is. But according to google, “photozhaba” is a (Russian?) techie slang word for a Photoshop collage.

LinkRepo: As its name indicates, this project is about creating an application to store links.

Atomique: distributed photo sharing: The goal of this project is to create a distributed photo sharing system. You can find more information (including a demo) on the project site:

decorate: decorate is a modified version of the bake script. It provides some additional features: pagination, filtering and sorting. There are some screenshots available. You can download the release from CakeForge.

IDE plugins and enhancements: The goal of this project is to build a collection of plugins and enhancements for IDEs people are using to develop CakePHP applications.

Happy baking to the developers of those project :)

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