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Since my last post about new projects on CakeForge, six new projects were started, so there is now a total of 80 projects available. Let’s have a look at those new projects.

CakePHP + phpBB integration: The title says everything: this project allows the integration of phpBB with a CakePHP application. There exists already a first version.

neolineCMS: neolineCMS is another attempt to write a content management system with CakePHP.

Open Club: The goal of this project is to develop an application to manage sport clubs. It has currently a very high activity, and so there is already some code in the repository.

ShopsViet: This project is about creating a Vietnamese online marketplace.

koinslot: The goal of koinslot is to develop PayPal-related components and helpers. There are some files available to download (for some reason the author didn’t put them in just one archive).

BakePay: BakePay is a plugin to handle payments in a CakePHP application. Even though the project was just created today there is already some code in the repository.

As always, good luck and happy baking to the developers of those projects!

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  • sole

    Hey, thanks for talking about my project (Cakephp + phpbb).
    Seems that people is downloading it but I haven’t heard of any use case yet, they are very quiet :-)


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