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This is the title of a series (you need an IBM id to access it, but the registration is free) started today on IBM’s developerWorks. This series will contain five parts:

  • Part 1 focuses on getting CakePHP up and running, and the basics of how to put together a simple application allowing users to register for an account and login to the application.
  • Part 2 demonstrates how to use Scaffolding and Bake to get a jump start on your application, and using CakePHP access control lists.
  • Part 3 shows how to use Sanitize, a handy CakePHP class, which helps secure an application by cleaning up user-submitted data. Part 3 also covers the CakePHP security component, handling invalid requests and other advanced request authentication.
  • Part 4 focuses primarily on the Session component of CakePHP, demonstrating three ways to save session data, as well as the Request Handler Component to help you manage multiple types of requests (mobile browsers, requests containing XML or HTML, etc).
  • And Part 5 deals with caching, specifically View and Layout caching, which can help reduce server resource consumption and speed up your application.

It is a very comprehensive and good tutorial (at least part 1, the only part that is online yet). So have a look at it if you are starting with CakePHP.

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