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Don’t worry, I didn’t switch to French, but this post is primarily for those who speak French. “Cake Pour Tous” (Cake for Everyone) is the title of a new CakePHP blog started by Othman Ouahbi, better known as CrazyLegs and programmer of othAuth. Check it out if you are French speaking or you want to refresh your French skills ;-)

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  • Kochka

    Cool news :)
    thx ! ++

  • Walker Hamilton

    His site loooks really nice. (I like to see more people using textpattern :)

  • KesheR

    One of the best things about Cakephp is its big community behind it.

  • cakebaker

    @Walker Hamilton: Never heard of textpattern before. What are the advantages of textpattern compared to wordpress?

    @KesheR: Yes, it is cool to have such a big and helpful CakePHP community.

  • Walker Hamilton

    Textpattern was first made by Dean Allen ( He’s the guys who decided to start (hosting company).

    It’s fast, rock-solid security-wise, multilingual, has a great plugin framework, and the community is extremely helpful and loving (on the forums only).

    Textpattern is kinda the reason the world has Textile (and all the versions of Textile ported to other languages). Textpattern also has better support of languages. It’s a far more popular european blogging engine. Check out the forums to see how active some of those languages are:

    I’m partial to it as I’ve been using it ever since I gave up on MT back in the days when you still had to rebuild all the pages. I also have written two (fairly) kickass plugins for TXP, so I’m kinda committed to it.

  • cakebaker

    @Walker Hamilton: Thanks for the explanations. It looks nice, but at the moment I am still happy with WordPress ;-)

  • CraZyLeGs

    Nice! I didn’t know you Bloged about it!
    so yea, textpattern, it’s just more flexible than WP or anything else I tried. I had an eye on it like forever but never had the time to use it, brought the right opportunity.
    I’m still not very familiar with it ( still can’t make the syntax highlighting to work =[ ) mainly because I didn’t have the time to dig in the code or the docs, but to an extend, it’s pretty obvious and straightforward.
    daniel: Othman Ouahbi you forgot “i” =P. in the ressources page too.


  • cakebaker

    @CraZyLeGs: Oops. Sorry for that. I fixed it in both places.

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