cakebaker is one year old :)

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Wow, the time moves forward really fast. It is already a year since I started this blog with the post “The first post or What is CakePHP?”. Since then a lot happened in the CakePHP world:

  • the CakePHP Google group has grown from less then 1000 members to almost 3500 members
  • the average number of people in the IRC channel has grown from around 20 to 90-100
  • a manual has been written
  • the bakery was started
  • more than 80 projects were started on CakeForge
  • around 1800 tickets were created
  • several other CakePHP blogs/sites were started

Pretty cool!

I also want to use this opportunity to thank you for reading this blog, and for all the comments and links. That really motivates to write this blog :) Thank you.

And something I never asked yet: What do you want to read more often here, and what less? Thanks for your feedback!

Happy baking!

Btw: I created a new page where you can download my stuff (up to now these files where hidden somewhere in the archives *g*)

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  • KesheR

    Happy birthday! I’ve been using CakePHP in my workplace for months, I don’t exactly know how long. It made my life easier and easier.

  • KZ

    conragratulations. i can see you have posted good quality posts that can help cakephp bakers a lot. i have used cakePHP for 2 about indeed make my life easier, but i found lack of documentation a serious issue. i think v1.2 has only API section for now and i cant find good ajax tutorials or manuals. i think its hard to start with ajax without proper documentation. So, i would like to read more often about these subjects.

    thanks and keep up the good work.

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  • laplix

    Happy new year to you too and to all the cake dev team. You Made My Year (YMMY ™ )… I’ve been using cake for a full year (and 5 days) now on a project of mine. I downloaded Cake and started using it on the 24th of december 2005, if I trust my subversion log :)

    What I would love to read : well you do it already so continue to have fun. I’m gonna be right here.

    Really love you guys


  • Max

    Happy Brithday CakeBaker, I have used it many times while developing in CakePHP. Wish you more successful growth with new year…. :)

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  • Kochka

    Happy New Year and congratulation for this cool blog !

    thanks and keep up the good work

  • cakebaker

    @All: Thanks for your congratulations!

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