Time-stamped packages, the bakery & the wiki

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Ok, as the title indicates this post is a bit of a mishmash…

Let me start with the time-stamped packages. You may have noticed on the downloads page that all files are named like file_2006-12-29.zip. To create those packages I wrote a simple Ant script, primarily because I couldn’t figure out how to include empty folders in the export from Eclipse ;-) Maybe it is useful for you:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="testsuite" default="default">
    <target name="default">
            <format property="TODAY" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" />
        <property name="FILE_NAME" value="/home/dho/cakephp_testsuite_${TODAY}.zip"></property>
        <delete file="${FILE_NAME}"></delete>
        <zip destfile="${FILE_NAME}" 
               includes="app/**, vendors/**"

The probably most missed feature in the bakery was added yesterday: the search functionality. Yesterday was also the final day for the wiki, its url redirects now to the bakery.

As this the last post in this year: A happy New Year to you! And see you again in 2007!

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  • Dieter@be

    hmm there was still some quality content on the wiki that wasn’t ported to the bakery yet… :/

  • JMG

    Hum, I still trust my good old shell for these things. The following script does just the same thing as your Ant’s:

    today=`date +”%Y-%m-%d”`

    rm -f $zip_file
    zip -r $zip_file $basedir/app/* $basedir/vendors/* -x build.sh

    Could be enhanced to be generic. Just call this script with : ‘build.sh cakephp-testsuite’ and it will create ‘/home/dho/cakephp-testsuite/cakephp-testsuite-YYYY-MM-DD.zip’

    today=`date +”%Y-%m-%d”`

    rm -f $zip_file
    zip -r $zip_file $basedir/app/* $basedir/vendors/*

  • cakebaker

    @Dieter@be: Gwoo mentioned in IRC (http://irc.cakephp.org/cakephp/viewlog/2006-12-29#0830) that he will make the wiki pages available as download, but I don’t know where.

    @JMG: Thanks for the shell script!

  • RoadHouse

    i’m using ant to my builds too

    and your tip is very util, another usefull ant feature is a : to replace strings inside a file, i’m using this to build a production build (with DEBUG=0 and other db configs) and dev build (with DEBUG=2 and another db configs)

  • laplix

    I’ll have to go with Dieter here. The Bakery is moving slowly, articles and etc. having to be approved and all that sort of things…

    Also, the wiki was a community place. We had a feel of the people. Why loose that?

    The Bakery is perfect for articles and stuff, but the community lived in the wiki. Why not let it loose? People can put their ideas and code there and later on transfert it to the Bakery.

    Anyway, t’was my 2ยข..

    Still a very happy new year for all you.

  • cakebaker

    @RoadHouse: Wow, an interesting approach!

    @laplix: I agree, the process is slow and a bit intransparent. I think the best solution would be something between a wiki and the bakery.

  • Mariano Iglesias

    A wikery perhaps? ;)

    I agree, wiki should be there. Nothing like letting the community write their own documentation while it has not been officialy published yet.

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