Testing the core & two new releases

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Today, two new versions of CakePHP have been released: and The first one is a bug fix release, the second is a new development release. Read the announcement and/or get the new versions from CakeForge.

The 1.2 release now comes with some test cases. You find instructions about how to run them in the announcement. As I prefer to run the tests via command line, I wrote a simple bake task to execute those core tests. You can find it in the downloads section. Its usage is:

php bake2.php coretest  // runs all tests
php bake2.php coretest libs/view  // runs all tests in the folder cake/tests/cases/libs/view and its subfolders
php bake2.php coretest group no_database  // runs the specified group test 

At the moment it is recommended to run the group test “no_database”, because the tests for AclNode and DboSource will fail (they are not included in that group test).

Happy baking :)

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