Baking a Cake – Requirements

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In the previous post we got a first, vague impression of what we will build during this series:

[…] to build an application which allows […] to notify the users of […] code snippets about updates.

Now it is time to become more concrete and to define what our application is supposed to do. For this purpose I will write some stories/use cases. So here we go:

Creating a project: The user choses to create a new project, enters the project information, and the system creates the project.

Posting a message: The user selects a project and enters the message, which is then published by the system.

Subscribing to a project: The user selects a project and subscribes to it, so that he gets all future messages of the selected project.

Importing an external feed: The user enters the url of an external feed, so that he will get all messages provided by that feed.

There are more use cases like Unsubscribing from a project, but they are not that important at the moment.

So we can move on to identify the conceptual classes and draw the domain model. But that’s a task for tomorrow…

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