Nine new CakeForge projects (and four of them already dead)

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It is quite some time since my latest post about projects on CakeForge, so today the list of new projects is a bit longer than usual.

Bibliography Management: From the project site: “This project aims at creating a web bibliography management system that can allow multiple researchers to export, import and synchronize their bibliography for citation and sharing purposes.” Rather unusual for a new project is the number of developers: including the project manager there are eight persons involved in this project.

Sampler: Sampler allows you to setup multiple choice surveys. The project already provides a release.

Solliform CMS: As the name indicates this is a CMS project, this time for non-profit organizations.

Time Sheet: Time Sheet is an application for freelancers to track their time and to bill the clients. A release is available.

Sports Club CMS: As the name indicates this project should become a CMS for sport clubs. But the project seems to be dead as there is no activity.

ACL Admin: ACL Admin is a project by AD7six (Andy Dawson). It is a plug-in for administering ACL objects. A release is available.

AzulCMS: Another CMS project which seems dead.

PING: And again a CMS project which seems to be dead.

simple poll: This last project seems also to be dead.

As always, good luck to the developers of the still active projects!

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  • Walker Hamilton

    I wonder how those project can be weeded out before they are even started?

    I would think that if the people who started them worked on another project already going (e.g. another CMS with a release already) that they would have contributed more to the community, even if they walk away from that one as quickly as they did their own.

    In my line of thinking, their needs to be some sort of barrier to entry introduced into the system. Low-level enough, psychologically, so that people do not find it annoying but yet it makes those who will not continue a project (or start a DOA) question their project.

    It could be something as simple as a question on the registration page that is there just to make one think.


    I think any project which has not seen any activity in 3 months should be labeled as *Inactive* automatically. This will save a lot of people heartaches caused by trying to run outdated projects on newer releases of CakePHP

  • cakebaker

    @Walker: I think such projects are created due to a spontaneous idea, And then after some time they realize that they don’t have the time to realize it, or the idea is not great, whatever. I know that from my own experience, some projects survive and others die after some days.

    I think there shouldn’t be a barrier, but as Tarique mentioned, some way to mark projects as inactive and in the end to remove such projects.

    @Tarique: That’s a good idea, but I don’t know if it is possible with the current software used for CakeForge. But I think sooner or later this software will get replaced.

  • Jeffrey Gilbert

    For those of us that are building cakeforge projects, how do we get someone to fix cakeforge? Whole features are seemingly broken on it and in other places white fonts over white backgrounds make text invisible. It would be nice to have download statistics at least. Right now its just a broken image. just my $.02

  • cakebaker

    @Jeffrey: I think the best way is to talk with PhpNut on IRC as he manages CakeForge.

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