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Since my last post about projects on CakeForge, 14 new projects have been started (and some dead projects were removed).

Noswad Open Source: This project is intended to become the place for the demos from http://www.noswad.me.uk/, the website of Andy Dawson (aka ad7six).

Pagebakery CMS: A CMS projects of two Dutch students and a hosting company. There is no code available yet, but you can follow the progress of this project via their blog: http://pagebakery.nl/.

xbaseCRM: The goal of xbaseCRM is to build an open-source version of SugarCRM, even though SugarCRM itself is available in an open-source version…

conman – Conference Manager: conman is a new project of Tarique Sani, the author of cheesecake. This project is about creating a tool to manage technical conferences.

phpGACL for CakePHP: A plug-in written by Mariano Iglesias which allows you to use phpGACL with CakePHP. There is a release available, and some documentation in the form of an article, an API and a screencast.

Custom Product Designer: No idea what this project is about, there is no code and no description.

slackr F.C.: slackr F.C. should become a community portal.

Karamelo: Karamelo is an e-learning platform. It seems like a dead project on CakeForge, as the development happens on http://trac.mononeurona.org/trac/karamelo and the package can be downloaded from Chipotle Software.

pastryMail: pastryMail is webmail client POP3 and IMAP accounts. There is some code available in the repository.

Drake: Drake is another project by Mariano Iglesias and is a Drupal-CakePHP bridge. It seems dead on CakeForge, but there is a project site and you can download it from the Drupal site.

Jake: Jake is again a project by Mariano Iglesias. It is a Joomla-CakePHP bridge. There is a release available, and the project has also its own project site.

jobscry user manager: The goal of this project is to create a tool to manage users, groups and permissions. No release yet, but there is some code available in the repository.

Photo Island Photoblogging: A photoblog application. Seems to be dead, at least there is no activity and no code.

MasterBake – extending bake.php: MasterBake is a replacement for the bake.php script. It allows you to create your (scaffolded) application in a very, very short time. You can download it from http://cakeforge.org/frs/?group_id=128.

As always, good luck to the developer of those projects!

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