What’s new in CakePHP 1.2?

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An often heard question is “What are the differences between CakePHP 1.1 and CakePHP 1.2?”. So with this post I try to give you a short overview of the differences between those two versions (if you miss an important change in the list below, please let me know and I will append it). As CakePHP 1.2 is still under development, not all topics listed below are fully implemented yet. And for many topics there is no documentation available yet.

  • New file extension for view files (.ctp instead of .thtml)
  • Definition of routes in app/config/routes.php changed a bit (Router::connect instead of $Route->connect)
  • Integrated test suite
  • A growing number of core classes are tested (cake/tests/cases)
  • Three new core components: Auth, Cookie, and Email
  • Support for DB2, Oracle and Sybase
  • Support for global Javascript and CSS files (vendors/js resp. vendors/css)
  • Model behaviors
  • Three core behaviors: Acl, Translate, Tree
  • Form related functions have been moved from the HTMLHelper to the FormHelper
  • Four new core helpers: Js, Paginator, Rss, and Xml
  • Support for themes
  • i18n and l10n support
  • Command line console (bake2 will probably get integrated into this new console infrastructure)
  • More advanced validation
  • Dot notation for HtmlHelper and FormHelper (Model.field instead of Model/field), thanks to Dieter@be for the hint
  • Named arguments (thanks to poLK)
  • New core classes: Set (thanks to poLK), Debugger, HttpSocket, Socket
  • More advanced caching facilities. Support for APC, memcache, xcache, file-based and database-based caching

And of course CakePHP 1.2 contains a lot of bug fixes and small enhancements.

Update (2007-04-07): Added new topics
Update (2007-05-01): Added caching topic

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