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Since my previous overview of new CakeForge projects, 15 new projects have been started. Here a short overview of those new projects:

Lumad CMS: This project is also known as CupCake CMS and it looks like this is the primary project name as the project site is available at http://www.cupcakecms.com. A preview version is available as download.

Poophouse: The Poophouse will become an application for realtors.

Agora Forums: As the name indicates, this project’s goal is to write a forum application. No release yet, but there is some code available in the repository.

The Mashup API Project: The goal of this project by Nate is to provide a collection of components, behaviors and helpers to integrate various web service APIs. An alpha version is available as download.

DBDesigner 4 to CakePHP scaffold: dbdesigner2cake allows you to generate models and controllers from DBDesigner 4 files. You can download it from CakeForge.

Web Rocket: Webrocket is another CMS project. An alpha version is available as download. It seems that this project has moved to Assembla.

TohDoh: TohDoh is an Ajax todo list demo application. Installation instructions and a live demo can be found on CraZyLeGs website. Its source code can be downloaded from CakeForge.

Flow: Flow is an activity based petri net workflow plug-in. There exists a beta release of Flow.

PeoplePie: A social networking site.

Vanilla IDE: The goal of Vanilla IDE is to provide a platform independent IDE for CakePHP application development. “Platform independent IDE” sounds to me as it will be based on Eclipse. Let’s hope this project will be more lucky than a previous attempt to build an Eclipse plug-in.

Content Manager Plugin: The Content Manager is a plug-in to edit database tables directly.

Glued!: Glued! is another project related to social networking.

Poblog: Poblog stands for “Podcasting + Blogging” and should become a blog platform.

Hotcakes Hotspot Manager: An application to manage a hotspot.

Object Model: The Object Model project will provide method wrappers for the model to return objects instead of arrays, a feature planned for CakePHP 2.0.0.x.

As always, good luck to all developers of those projects!

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