Which Cake should you eat?

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If you start a new project (or you want to make your first steps with Cake), the following question arises: “Which version of CakePHP should I use?”. For me, the answer is simple: 1.2. For others it may be 1.1. To help you with the decision, I prepared some pro/con arguments for both versions:

CakePHP 1.1.x.x:

  • pro:
    • stable
    • documentation is available in the form of the manual and tutorials
  • con:
    • no new features, only bug fixes
    • migration effort needed to move to 1.2 at a later time

CakePHP 1.2.x.x:

  • con:
    • (almost) no documentation
    • “only” an alpha release, which means things can still change a bit, and that some features may be not finished yet

I hope that helps you in your decision process.

Thanks to Dieter@be for the idea for this post.

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  • Christian

    Thx for this…i think i will develop my stuff on 1.1 and try to port it later to 1.2…till now the features of 1.1 fits my needs…


    CakePHP: Versionsfrage…

    Cakebaker ist mir zuvor gekommen! Aber wenn er schon mit Versionen anfängt, will ich auch einmal meine Sicht der Dinge zum besten geben.
    Die Frage ist, welche Cakeversion soll man nutzen.
    Meine Antwort: 1.1.X
    Für Projekte, die in naher Z…

  • Chuckie

    Well, I’m totally new to cake and have decided to use 1.2.

    It’s definitely a challenge since form helper has replaced form stuff in html helper. But if I had started with 1.1, I’d be swearing up a storm at all of the depreciated stuff such as “Post/title” vs “Post.title” as well as the change in functionality, i.e. new validation

  • Cine

    Question: How difficult is it to upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2? I started a new project with 1.1 a couple of weeks ago, and though I am still learning cake and use the manual constantly, the new features of 1.2 are really tempting..

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  • gribelu

    @Cine upgrading isn’t too hard. The hard part is learning how to use 1.2 correctly.
    If you are not afraid to read cake’s source code or the api (since there are no docs yet) to really understand how things get done.. you’re all set. For me, it was worth the effort. I really learned alot..

  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments.

    @Cine: As gribelu already said, upgrading isn’t too hard. Backup your current application, install CakePHP 1.2, copy your custom files (controllers, models, etc) to the app folder of the new installation, and change the settings in the config files in app/config if necessary. That’s it.

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  • webspin

    I’ve upgraded to 1.2 and as soon as I did the upgrade, cake now seems to be doing a “greedy” match on my paths, so calls to controller actions on the uri are now trying to be parsed as controllers themselves, so

    /articles/view/1 which used to work fine is now reporting:

    Missing controller

    You are seeing this error because controller 1Controller could not be found.

    because cake now things the “/1” at the end of the uri is a request for a controller. Nothing else has changed and my app was working fine before.

    Can someone help with this?


  • cakebaker

    @webspin: Hm, never seen this error before. Did you update the file /app/config/routes.php or is it still the version you used with Cake 1.1?


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