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Since my latest overview of new projects on CakeForge one month ago, ten new projects have been started. Here a short overview:

Frosting: Frosting will be a site network CMS, whatever that may be. No code available yet.

MailingBaker: The goal of the MailingBaker project is to provide a plug-in to manage newsletters. No code available yet.

iGo CMS: This project seems to be a placeholder project, i.e. it simply points to another location where the development happens and where the download is available. In this case the project is located on sourceforge.

Sintok: Sintok will become an easy-to-use quiz creator. No code available yet.

Davidicus CMS: Davidicus is another CMS project. It already provides a release (see also the screenshot). The project is looking for contributors.

Simple Blog: As the title indicates, this project is about creating a blog application. No code available yet.

johnny cache: A project name which made me smile ;-) It is a caching system which should be simpler than the built-in system. You can download a release from CakeForge.

EZPDO + CakePHP: This project allows to use ezpdo, a object-relational mapper, together with CakePHP. A release is available.

Anno Domini – Calendar: Anno Domini is an Ajax powered calendar system. You can see it in action at http://education.byu.edu/calendar. You can download it from CakeForge, it even comes with a starter’s guide.

easy poll: As the name already says, it is a poll system. A release is available as download.

As always, good luck to the developers and their projects!

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