When programming becomes stale…

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Over the last few weeks I noticed a growing feeling that programming becomes stale for me. And as a consequence, the motivation to program dropped more and more. Programming just doesn’t feel right anymore. I don’t know exactly why that happened. But I think it has to do with my ignorance of my purpose in life.

So, how to deal with such a situation?

I think the most important step is to reduce the activity which makes you unhappy as soon as possible to avoid something worse like a breakdown or a burn out. Don’t stave it off, there is never an ideal time for such things!

The next step is to define what you want to do in the future. Should you still program? And if yes, how much? And what else could you do to earn money in the future? Difficult questions. Questions to which I don’t have answers yet…

From the answers to those (and probably other) questions you can then derive goals and a strategy to achieve them. The last step is to implement this strategy.

As you see, life comes with ups and downs. Nobody likes downs, but I think they are a good opportunity to learn. And the next up comes surely ;-)

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