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One change I recently did in my life is to watch less TV and to do more sport. As it has a very positive effect on me I will describe in this article how I accomplished that. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same ;-)

My TV consumption was rather moderate. I was used to watch the daily news. Plus one or two movies per week. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But if you add up the times you sit in front of the TV, that will change. In my case I realized that I sit around 7.5 hours per week in front of the TV. Almost an entire working day. That’s a bit a shocking insight ;-)

So I wanted to reduce my TV consumption.

First I tried to reduce it by using my will, but I failed. The habit was stronger…

More successful was my approach to do some sport at the time the daily news are broadcast. Instead of watching the daily news I do now my daily tour with the bike. Compared with watching TV it comes with the following benefits: I am active, I am in the nature, I do sport, and I get new ideas. With that, TV loses its appeal more and more, and so I am down at about 1 hour per week.

Especially at the beginning there is a big temptation to find excuses to not exercise. So it is helpful to tell others about your plans and to build up some social pressure. Then it becomes much more difficult to find excuses, unless you want to be a lame duck ;-)

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  • jaredhoyt

    Funny you would write about that. I haven’t had tv for about 5 years but I’m about to move to Kansas City and my apartment has built-in cable. A bit nervous about it becoming a habit but these are some good tips. ;)

  • Felix Geisendörfer

    You know what cut down my tv consumption to like 2-3 hours / month? Loosing my remote control! Since it’s gone watching tv has become so unbearably inconvenient that I just didn’t feel tempted to do it anymore at all unless there is a really good reason.

    So my tip: Throw away your remote and don’t purchase a replacement one : p.

  • cakebaker

    @jaredhoyt: As you are used to live without TV I think you are immune against the lure of TV ;-)

    @Felix: *g*

    Another solution could be to sell the TV (including the remote) on ebay ;-)

  • Tim Koschützki

    And all your DVDs, too. :]

  • cakebaker

    @Tim: Yes :)

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