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I feel relieved! Since today I am no longer a member of the CakePHP team (at least that’s my conclusion as the password to #cakephp-dev has been changed and I no longer have privileges to manage tickets on trac). I am not really surprised by this move (and the way it was done). It was foreseeable. Anyway, I am not unhappy about it after the behind the scene discussion about my previous article “Lessons learned from loadController(null)” (btw. thanks to nate for the valuable feedback!).

What does that mean for this blog? I don’t know yet, it is something I have to think about in the next few days. Maybe I will stay with CakePHP as it has a great community, but it is also possible that I will move to Rails, Django or some other framework. We will see ;-)

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  • bkuhns

    I’m really sorry to see all of this banter going on yet again (see: cake book fiasco)… just when I was getting the sour taste out of my mouth, here we go again.

    None of this helps the community. Devs can argue, but for the sake of the community, please keep it between yourselves! I realize qwoo, nate, and larry are all just trying to extinguish the fire and/or clear their names, but the longer this goes on in plubic, the worse it reflects on cakePHP. I love cakePHP, but when I see these sorts of things going on it really makes me lose some respect for the wonderful project that lies behind the public arguments.

    And dho, PLEASE don’t leave the community nor your blog. I have been an avid reader since before you were even in the dev team. It would be very dissapointing to see you go (especially like this)…

  • harrison

    Judging by the number of comments, it is nice to see the cake community respond and rally to a “crisis” like this.

  • Tarique Sani

    Daniel – stay in the community and fight it out. There comes a time in development of Open Source software when the Software becomes bigger and more important than the core developers.

    CakePHP is a great software and Larry & co are great programmers though they are very poor managers and some of their policies are IMO outright against the spirit of Open Source – but – hey this is open source such things are to be stood against!

    Mark my words – if CakePHP team continues to stifle the community someone will fork the framework.

    So once again stay around.

  • unbeliever

    @all who is trying to compare recent Daniel failure in locution with cake book: HEY! could you imagine that this book about 1.2 IS ALREADY available? Even before 1.2 is released as stable? NO? So wtf are you talking about?

    @Daniel: I’m starting to worry about you a little bit. You said ‘I don’t trust CakePHP’ and instead to clear this thing out (just be more specific what you had in mind saying this sh*t) you tried to told us in your blogpost that it is us who is dumb here, because we understood your ‘I don’t trust’ exactly like it is stated. Why are you sad that you’re not part of dev team of software product you don’t trust? Do you want dev team share every their thoughts about development in dev channel with someone who don’t trust matter of existency of this team? Do you want dev team trust you, if you’re able state that you don’t trust something they and you were working on? And mostly important: I can’t find anything reasonable about what caused your recent lack of trust to CakePHP. If reason was recently added failing test which proves some misbehavior in development version, then you’re funny kid.

  • Beth

    Boys will be Boys! All this TESTOSTERONE.

    Here’s great article, “10 golden rules for running an open source project” the cake core team to read and ponder – it’s written by Greg Beaver (PEAR and other projects)

  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments!

    @gwoo: As you mentioned the book project, I think it is interesting to see what happened there:, it seems as at that time the publisher got informed about the cancellation, but not the author. Hm. And you say you didn’t got a chance to say anything to me before I wrote this post. I was in the IRC channel at the day my access rights got removed. And you were there, too. So, what was the problem that you said nothing? And if you look at the top of this blog you will also notice that I have an email address. Enough chances to say something, wouldn’t you say? Oops, sorry, I forgot I am supposed to be the bad guy here who makes all the failures ;-)

    @bkuhns: I think this entire discussion would have taken a different direction if the first comment from a member of the cake team was something like “sorry, we made a mistake that we didn’t inform you that you are no longer a member of the team… bla bla bla. Thanks for your contribution”. But if there is a “we don’t make failures” mentality, well, then such a thing is difficult. I hope the team will learn from this discussion.

    @Tarique: Great comment, I agree with you.

    @unbeliever: Well, when people compare this situation with the cancellation of the book project then it is because of

    I hope I could clarify what I meant with that statement in my answer to your comment in the other article. But if there are still questions, just ask ;-)

    @Beth: Thanks for sharing this link!

  • Tim Daldini

    I will not read all the comments. All I can say is that some of your blogposts were really helpfull for me at the time when I was working on a CakePHP project. Well, time to move on, I guess. :)

  • Tim Daldini

    I’m sorry Cakebaker, I entered your name when I was posting by accident!

  • Mariano Iglesias

    I think we should stop criticizing stuff we don’t even know about. Daniel has the right to complain about inner workings of the CakePHP team, since he was a member of it, but some other people talk as if they knew anything about it.

    @Tarique: I mean you talking about CakePHP’s core management skills. What the heck do you know about it? Just as easy I could criticize your own personal management skills.

  • Tarique Sani

    @Mariano – I have been around for long enough in the CakePHP public list and have seen several instances of high handedness *in public* which are not in the the spirit of OSS – some of the people affected have commented above already so I wont elaborate

    So heck yes I know about it and several people know about it as well!

    Did I ever mention anything about the internal workings of CakePHP core team? No!

    I am talking about the public face of things… My gentle advice to you would be don’t get so worked up, think about it and see the truth in it and then see if you can do something about it.

    Developers come and developers go – great software stays

  • cakebaker

    @Tim: No problem, I fixed it. And thanks for your comment!

    @Mariano: I hope you will see what I have written not only as complaining but also as feedback. And the same applies for what others said. See also Tarique’s advice.

  • Fabio Cevasco

    I honestly can’t believe this happened AGAIN! I wonder when some people will wake up… Oh well, it’s they’re burden now, not mine!

    Who’s next?

    @Daniel: take a break and look around: luckily there’s not only Cake out there…

  • Tarique Sani

    @Fabio – running away is not a solution unfortunately….

  • Fabio Cevasco

    @Tarique: sure, but staying isn’t either. And besides, things like this do make you realize that is always better to keep something else open in life.

  • speedmax

    Although this is a rather unpleasant event, i do see this is a valuable learning experience.

    audiences (developer/community)
    politics of open source
    communication among the team
    project management

    @cakebaker yes, i wouldn’t say those post are negative, you listed problem, feedback, summery in most of them. may be more gentle next time (blog title). :P

    @fabio off topic, but how is rails working out for u so far ?

  • Fabio Cevasco

    I became really fond of the Ruby programming language, which made me discover a new, more elegant and flexible way of programming. Rails is great so far, I modified the Typo engine for my site, and I’m currently developing another from scratch.

    The only thing I don’t like about Rails is that deploying it and running it is not as easy as PHP, I must say that. But once you get used to it, there is no coming back to the PHP world.

  • unbeliever

    abc: your recent commit breaks 2 test cases: sdfjhdsf and kfjdhsdkf
    def: oops! I am sorry for that/yes I know but/anything else
    def: I/xyz/you should blabla now/soon/later

    Team work.

    @cakebaker I appreciate what you did for CakePHP community. I really do. But as far as I know, list of published comments on h3rald article you’re using in your argumentation is ‘far from complete’. And I hope that some ppl here (including you) are aware of this fact too, so I’ll take it as a joke. Let me ask one more question, please: are you prepared publicly state ‘I trust CakePHP’ when it will include more tests and every one will pass in released version?

    @everyone who is still listening and able to write tests: why not help make everyone happy? :D

  • mbavio

    Hi, first time looking for some article about the best framework in PHP (that´s what i´ve been told about Cake)… I think this post is completely useless, looks like a “gossip show”… please the main “actors” of this show, try to speak about your personal differences in private, because you dont make a good impression of Cake to newbies like me… just an opinion… Have a nice day.

  • francky06l

    Back from holidays, woww one hour reading all the posts !!!
    Just few comments :
    1) Daniel, keep on the blog, you love cake
    2) If so many people are reacting (even the core dev team), means that nobody is perfect. Everyone as to learn …
    3) I am ignorant about the past stories of cake community
    4) Actually I have not much time to take care of 3)
    5) I love working with cake as everyone posting here (or almost).
    6) I have been questioning myself about cake’s future and Chris’s article : and now all this

    Summary : I am optimistic and all this sounds great. When basic community people (as I am) and core dev teams are writing on same “topic”, that sounds they are linked by the Framework .. so, all this is quite “healthy” somehow.

    @Daniel: my invitation for a break (or work) in South of France is still valid :-)

  • Dérico Filho

    @cakebaker: I quite understand you. Because I’ve been through this myself. I wanted to make a version of CakePHP’s manual and I had to shut it down. I played the politics to get it done, and yet I was redirected to /dev/null – no answers, no news.

    @gwoo as representative for Cake Foundation: I won’t dig into the reasons of this flame. But one thing I deem as very important for sure: this cakebaker’s reaction and many of these reactions we’ve seen ARE DUE TO THE RESTRICTIVE BEHAVIOUR OF CORE TEAM (Cake Foundation).

    If there’s a mistake all around CakePHP is that it’s not Open. It might be Open Source, but its community logic is not. Or you accept the fact that the core team “will do” the feature or the need in the future, or please leave the room. Humn… It happened to me in Commented version for CakePHP manual.

    I do not know how many initiatives have been aborted by Cake Foundation, I do hope they’re few. Because two things would happen: either the CakePHP project would lose power of growth or it would provoke a fork. CakePHP does not need a fork, yet there’s a lot of energy available, and I’m very sorry to say that: CakePHP Core Team is not using it the best way, IMHO. It would have to be more decentralized, IMHO again.

  • Brandon Parise

    Very nice comment! I agree with a lot of what you have to say. Many time myself I have been met with the “iron curtain” when it came to offering my contributions to the framework. I simply gave up trying :)

    At the same time I can understand (to some degree) why the dev’s are so closed off. I compare it to a mother sending her daughter off to school for the first time. The mother doesn’t want to lose control or allow her daughter to be influence (possibly negatively) by others. But, as we ALL know, the experience of what that child learns OUTSIDE of their parents so called ‘bubble’ allows the child to become a more educated person, better member of society and eventually their own identity within this world.

    I perceive it as the dev’s are “homeschooling” CakePHP. They are taking advice from others on how to do certain things but they ultimately are the ones that decide what the framework becomes.

    Is that a good thing? IMO, no. They are shielding CakePHP from allowing it to gain it’s full potential. Even if the devs are all the Bill Gates’ of PHP they still aren’t going to make the best decisions.

    Alas, IMO, I would actually encourage forks/variants of CakePHP. I think it would create distinctive frameworks that can each focus on more specific roles within their projected use. Look at what debian, ubunutu, redhat, etc did for the linux shell. Even within ubuntu there are variants that are geared towards performance junkies and even KIDS!

    @dho: – watch out :) I completed the first alpha version of a package manager based on PEAR and is very promising (install, uninstall, update, dependencies, etc). Once I get things squared away I’ll email you and give you the inside scoop on the direction. Thanks for all your support and time you have lend your ears to my ranting :)

  • speedmax

    @Dérico – very well put, I still remember the commented manual incident a while back in google groups and the official comment was “we are working on that”. I think one of the problem as the moment is core team needs a channel of communication to the user, a official one. The bakery is good for what it is, but the news section is fairly inactive. (cough)*django’s blog highlights weekly activity(cough)

    Cakebaker’s blog was very similar to a official channel except it is his personal blog featuring his own opinion.. so sh*t happend..

    @Brandon –, interesting stuff. is it cake related?

  • Fabio Cevasco


    I totally agree with you: finally someone who gets to the point in a few simple words. I wasn’t aware of the incident involving the manual, but I must say I am not surprised. Once again – and this is a personal opinion – the whole problem CakePHP has is its development team. Don’t get me wrong though, there are some really *good* elements there like Nate for example, but others seem WAY out of line for the way they keep dealing with people like me, Daniel and Dérico.

  • Tarique Sani

    @Brandon – would like to know more about collabforce – be Open :P

  • unbeliever

    @Brandon – yes, there are probably some differences between open source project and direct democracy, but I am pretty cool with fact that only members of dev team are making decisions about CakePHP and/or dev team ;) You know, ‘full potential’ which can be borned from plebiscit of non [php|oop|mvc|cakephp] experienced developers is scarying me a little bit. I think there is allways way how to contribute something useful for cake community – if core devs will not pass some enhancement patches/ideas to core code, anybody can publish result of his/her effort at bakery/cakeforge.

    @Fabio – you’re humouring me a lot :)

  • Fabio Cevasco

    @unbeliever: you too! Your blind trust in everything the CakePHP dev team does/says/believes no matter what other people will ever say is truly amazing.

  • Brandon Parise

    Yes, CF will include CakePHP as its flagship framework (and obviously will be build with it). I don’t want to limit CF to JUST CakePHP but I think having it as its first supported framework is ideal.

    I will post details on later this week. The holiday weekend has set me back a few days for my 9-5 job this week :)

    I agree that opening the source for a “free for all” isn’t ideal. There will always be a need for people to supervise commits to retain the overall integrity of the software. But, I think with a strong set of guidelines and COMMUNICATION between contributors and these “code keepers” is crucial to the success of the software.

    Take for example:

    I’m still left wondering why these haven’t been added. It doesn’t break anything and makes the methods more robust. I might be naive, but I don’t think those tickets in any way “hurt” the framework. Am i right here?!!?

    Lastly, sorry to say, but the Bakery IMO is sophomoric at best. Although a fantastic concept, it has been done poorly and seems to be completely abandoned. Also, CakeForge is hard to navigate and the developers have a seemingly anonymous existence. I don’t see any advantage for someone to post and maintain a project there.

  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments!

    @Fabio: As Tarique said, running away is not the solution. I am disappointed about the team, but not the software (or the community). I can use CakePHP without dealing with the team.

    @speedmax: Yes, I agree with you that you can learn much from such an event.

    I think you cannot use always a gentle title, sometimes you have to use a more provocative title ;-)

    @unbeliever: I am aware that some comments have been removed from h3rald’s article in the meantime (even though they are still available via as someone pointed out in a comment on his blog).

    Sure, I have no problem with saying “I trust CakePHP” when it is fully tested. But I think it is unrealistic to expect a high test coverage in 1.2 as it is no fun to write them for existing code and the code was not written for testability. Maybe in the next version (2.0), when PHP 4 support will be dropped and everything has to be adapted to make full use of PHP 5…

    @mbavio: CakePHP is the best PHP framework imho. Don’t let you get distracted from what’s going on here and enjoy your cake ;-)

    @francky06l: Yeah, such a thunderstorm can sometimes be quite healthy ;-)

    @Derico: I agree with you that it should be more decentralized as there are many great ideas out there in the community, but instead of supporting them the strategy of the team is the contrary, i.e. to control as much as possible and to do it on their own…

    @Brandon: I think it is necessary that the team decides finally what comes into the framework. But what’s missing is transparency, as an outsider (and even as a team member) you often don’t know what was discussed, what was decided, etc. It all happens in the hidden.

    Btw: Cool to hear your project is not dead ;-)

    Regarding your tickets, I think there is still a chance they get implemented as they are not closed yet.

  • hch

    I hang out in IRC a lot, and I have been using the Cake framework for about a year now. In all honesty, I don’t know anyone on the Cake dev team, I have no clue who cakebaker, larry masters, nate etc. are; I’ve only heard of some guys on irc called phpnut, nate, ad7six, dhofstet who have been *extremely* helpful and have volunteered their own time to contribute to CakePHP and answer my questions. For free. As a matter of fact I pay $0 for cake and I get my questions answered directly by the dev team much faster than a $5000 piece of software my company has purchased from Microsoft. Go figure.

    The reason I feel obliged to write is (believe it or not) to defend the cake admins. I don’t know them from Joe Blow who lives down the street from me, but I think they are being unfairly criticized for making executive decisions. I didn’t read most of the posts above since there’s just too many of them, but I’m responding to the comments of just a few.

    Firstly I think people are deluted about open source. They think that open source means anyone and everyone gets access to CVS, can contribute their own code, write their own libraries to be included with the core code, make changes to the core code if they feel like it, etc. Unfortunately, no, because it would never work. Not in Cake, not in RoR, not in any open source project. Try going to another open source project and telling them that you feel there’s a better way to do something and therefore you want to change the core code. They’ll politely tell you to bug off :) Open source means the source is open so that you can create your own libraries, plug-ins, etc. freely and can even contribute to the core code ONCE AUTHORIZED BY ADMINS. My understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) is that changes to the core code must be approved by admins. And thank God that’s the case, otherwise the framework would be sloppy as hell and will be going in 2000 different directions!

    So logically it means admins must be assigned. And in cakephp, like all other open source communities (and all ‘teams’ in this world), there must be leaders who make the final decisions. Otherwise you have chaos. My understanding is, guys like nate, larry, etc. are the project admins. It doesn’t mean others can’t contribute, but they make the final decisions.

    In all honesty, I feel some people’s “better ideas” are not being taken into consideration, and they are becoming bitter about it. It’s almost a case of taking your ball home with you from the playground. Is there a bit of Naziism from the project admins? Possibly. I have no idea. I don’t know the full story behind this, or Fabio’s situation. What I do know is that when you have leaders who aren’t perfect, sometimes good ideas may be cast aside for the wrong reasons. It’s called life.

    Case in point: my impression is that dhofstet had great ideas (and you do; I’ve read your blog religiously), and they weren’t implemented, or maybe was even shoved aside rudely. And thus you feel offended by the cake admins. Would I feel the same? Absolutely. But it doesn’t negate the fact that unfortunately they have final say. You can still make your own libraries, post your own opinions on the blog, etc but again unfortunately they determine who’s on the core dev team and who’s not. And why not? They started the project and we’re all contributing.

    I wholeheartedly believe cake, like everything else in this world, has room for improvement. Especially that damn bakery and the docs. But actions speak louder than words; I haven’t contributed a word to the docs and therefore have given up my right to whine. As for the guy who mentioned about starting another collab website for cake: why not just start it anyways?! If it’s a great idea and it’ll take off on its own, it’ll take off on its own! Who cares what the admins think; why direct anger at the admins and use them as the excuse for not starting it up?

    dh if anything, please stick around as you’ve been a great help to me. Don’t let rejection (possibly rude rejection) of your ideas by the admin cast you aside. They may be wrong, but the framework’s still excellent imho and that means they’re doing their job.

  • unbeliever

    @cakebaker ok, thanks for answers. It seems that you will stay with us in CakePHP community ;) and I think it is great.

    @Brandon yes, I think that you’re right (about those tickets). Lets talk about them once they will be closed for any reason.

    @hch nice summary! +1

    ehm @Fabio do you want to know why I’m enjoying your posts with laugh? Do you know where you could put your book about 1.2 into if it was already on the market? That’s the point you refused to agree on – 1.2 wasn’t (and still is not) released and there are surely many things which will be adjusted in it before stable release. Forget about your profit, man, and think about profit of community. I think that there will be another books about CakePHP over time – but don’t be surprised that you will not work on them. Same thing as cakebakers case – if workman in car factory says he don’t trust factory products, only his close friends are affected by his opinion. BUT if manager of this factory will say such as thing, he will be fired and never employed again in this company – and he will probably have problems to find a job in whole car industry.

  • rtconner

    Sorry I’m late to the discussion, been busy and all. Wanted to add mytwocents.

    Dho… my only problem with you was that you complained about the unit tests failing. I’m not sure what the official Cake team stance is on failing tests… but come on, that was a nightly build. If it was an official milestone release failing unit tests, your statements of “I don’t trust CakePHP” would be undestandable. Right now I’m just confused about your choice of blog posting actions.

    And I’m on nate’s side about you not talking to them about it before you publicized it on your blog. Why? So strange.

  • cakebaker

    @hch: Thanks for your long comment!

    I think you got it somehow wrong that people criticize that only the core team can commit code ;-) As you explained that’s a good thing, otherwise the code would be a mess. But what I am missing is transparency, i.e. a public discussion of what’s going on with the code and why things are the way they are.

    The collab site you mentioned is afaik on its way. And regarding the docs, I think it is at least partially a self-inflicted problem, e.g. by not responding to people willing to help…

    @unbeliever: Thanks for your comment.

    I think your answer to Fabio is based on incomplete information. The book project was meant to be realized together with the Cake Software Foundation as “co-author”. It was planned to have a stable version of Cake 1.2 in the end phase of the book writing (as the book was about Cake 1.2). And as the book should be already on the market, you will see that the stable version of Cake 1.2 is a bit late…

    @rtconner: Thanks for your comment.

    Well, I think if there are tests, then they should run without failures (even if it is only a nightly build). Sure, that’s not always possible, but if you notice failing tests then it should be your priority to fix those obvious problems as soon as possible.

    Those failing tests are now known since about two weeks, but they still fail here…

  • unbeliever

    @cakebaker my opinion is that if somebody wants to release book about some software, it is just obvious to wait when this sw is released, or synchronize those tasks. From community angle of view, offical book about CakePHP will be great thing – but I think that quality of 1.2 code takes precedence. So – if release of 1.2 is ‘a bit late’ (could you show me a link stating release date?) then release of book had to be delayed also. Make press on developers of opensource software because of commercial politics is supposed to end this way. Fabio is wrong with his presumption of my ‘blind trust’. My trust becomes from fact that cake developers thinks about community first. Everything else seems to be secondary and ‘book case’ (besides ‘other actions’ ;) of core dev team) just proved this fact. IMHO, off course.

  • cakebaker

    @unbeliever: There is no official release date for 1.2, it gets released “when it is done”.

  • maulana

    I’ve just been using cakephp for about 48 hours and found it very handy. Also, I always end to this very useful blog for problem solving. Then I found this post, and very sad to hear you leave it. But glad to hear you still around(at late comments).

    I suggest you to keep fighting for the truth, even you’re the evil…:p kidding…

    Whatever you do/fight for, please keep this blog shiny with the hot crispy cake recipe..;)

  • cakebaker

    @maulana: Thanks for your comment!

    Well, I don’t leave this blog, I left only the CakePHP team ;-)

  • Kunthar

    My personal opinions;
    Sometimes, sentimental behaviour about the situtations couldn’t bring a wanted results. There are better ways to express yourself. Take it easy man.
    You made a cake, if you want to have this cake big enough to eat, you must share it, otherwise remove MIT license and close the source. This is simple reality. When i check the size of comments about this story, i can easily see that you (yes not dho you) have management problems.
    People spending time to spread a word on cakephp and of course including this blog, spent time by dho in IRC and every single letter submitted to the source are invaluable. Why don’t you warn before take an action? Why we had to read endless discussions?
    Is there a nomenklatura class wrapped around cake community? I hope not.
    This is not fair to say we need to “keep house clean”. We are all humans and we need to figure out a better way to communicate and collobrate together.
    Again, this is my personal idea, take care all and peace.

  • cakebaker

    @Kunthar: Thanks for your comment!

    I am not sad about being no longer a member of the CakePHP team, it is better for me. And in retrospect I should have left earlier…

  • Kevin

    I just want to say that without your blog, I would have given up on CakePHP long ago. CakePHP has been crippled by its lack of documentation, official or otherwise. Not only is the existing documentation lacking, but there are entire features that are completely undocumented. I recently saw a link to some preliminary Cake 1.2 documentation that was locked down and taken offline because it was ‘incomplete’. How ridiculous is that! I think any documentation, no matter how incomplete or inaccurate it may be, is better than the complete lack of documentation that exists right now.

    Anyway, that was sort of a tangent and I would like to thank you for helping CakePHP in the area it needs most – more documentation – even if the core devs can’t seem to recognize it as a contribution.

  • Anonymous

    Well I have to say I agree with dho on this one. It’s not the first time the core CakePHP team have been bastards. Unfortunately the core team seem to want to keep an iron grip on their source code, which I admire – but look where it’s got them, CakePHP 1.2 is *still* in development, I started using it back in December 2006.

    They really need to get their management sorted out and get releasing stable code. Release Early, Release Often.

    Oh, and they also need to stop being so sarcastic to people, it really puts a lot of newbies off.

  • Philip

    @Kunthar: Well, actually that’s the beauty of an open-source license, isn’t it? At any time if the management issues get to be too arduous for people to fool with, they can always fork the project. I’m not advocating that by a longshot — I’m not even remotely competent to contribute code, so I’m hardly competent to advocate running off in my own direction! — just stating that it’s an implicit incentive for o/s projects to keep their devs happy. Once key people get dissatisfied and a project forks, it’s up to the market to decide whose ideas are better. Of course the same can happen in proprietary-source but having to start from scratch is a much stronger disincentive to walk out.

    While I’m not advocating a code fork, I’m pretty close to advocating a de facto documentation fork. I really don’t get the 1.2 manual thing. I would make more noise about it but I don’t want to piss off people whose help I need in getting up to speed on CakePHP!

    @Kevin: I share your concerns. What would the ideal documentation look like? How can we get there?

  • cakebaker

    @Kevin, Anonymous, Philip: Thanks for your comments!

    @Kevin: Yes, I agree with you, the move with the 1.2 manual is hard to understand. If they would make it public even at an early stage, it would be a win-win situation: the users of CakePHP 1.2 would get some help to get started, and the docs team would get feedback from real users.

    @Anonymous: Yes, the stable version of CakePHP 1.2 is quite late…

  • build a bridge...

    …and get over it.

  • cs

    just great!

  • jason

    i think it was bad that he was fired from cakephp team.
    i diagree with them totally…….actually his intention was not bad……i jst recommend cakephp team to bring him back.

  • gaurav_m

    what the fuck!!!

    he is a nice guy…and these rubbiesh tac tics…
    this is the best blog for cakePHP noobs.
    I really learnt a lot from it..when we dont have books…Blogs come in between..cakePHP showed me this.

  • cakebaker

    @jason, gaurav: Thanks for your comments and your support!

    I think it is better for me to be no longer a member of the CakePHP team, especially after what I learned from this incident. I should have left earlier, as I have a different philosophy than some of the team…

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    […] just finished reading dho’s goodbye message to the CakePHP team. While I may or may not agree with Daniel’s feelings of being left […]

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