When the repository url changes

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Sometimes it happens that the url of a (subversion) repository changes, e.g. if there is a protocol switch from http to https. If you use an IDE like Eclipse it means you have to change the settings for that repository. Unfortunately, it is not that obvious how to accomplish this in Eclipse (at least not for me). If you select “Properties” of a repository in the “SVN Repository Exploring” perspective, you will see the url, but you cannot change it:

SVN properties

So my workaround was to remove the project(s) and the repository from Eclipse, and to recreate them using the new repository url. It works, but it is a bit cumbersome (fortunately you do not have to do that very often).

But now I found a better solution. There exists a “Relocate” wizard for this purpose, which makes it really easy. To start it you have to select a repository in the “SVN Repository Exploring” perspective and with a right mouse-click you get the “Relocate” menu entry. The first dialog shows some explanations plus the affected projects:

Relocate, Step 1

In the next and last step you can specify the new url:

Relocate, Step 2

That’s it.

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