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On IBM’s developerWorks a new series called “PHP frameworks” has been started which compares the three frameworks Zend, symfony, and CakePHP, by means of creating the same sample application with each framework. The series consists of five parts:

Part 1 of this series lays out the scope for the series, introduces the frameworks being examined, covers their installation, and scopes out the first test application you will build.

Part 2 walks you through building the sample application in each of the three frameworks, highlighting their similarities and differences.

Part 3 starts with extending the test application, then deals with exceptions to the rule. All frameworks work well when doing the tasks for which they were designed. Needing to do something the framework wasn’t built to do happens on every project. This article looks at such instances.

Part 4 focuses primarily on Ajax support. The use of Ajax, using native code and third-party libraries, is examined — specifically, how each framework behaves and accepts specific popular libraries.

Part 5 deals with working outside the frameworks. A single task is identified (nightly update script), and the process for accomplishing this task is examined in each framework.

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  • Brendon Kozlowski

    Thanks for the tip on this, Dan. I’ll be certainly taking a look at it!

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  • Brandon P

    I am really excited to see what Part’s 3 and 5 are since most of my frustrations with CakePHP seem to fit in both of those :)

  • multimedia m

    Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look.

  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments!

  • rtconner

    You know what version of Cake he’s reviewing. Or will he just put comments in about both?

  • cakebaker

    @rtconner: He reviews

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  • Willy Merindol


    I was looking for a great php framework.
    And I found it.
    It’s kite new, under-known and named Akelos Framework :

    I’ve been using it for 2 months now and I’m so happy with it !
    I have tried many frameworks (Symfony, CI, CakePhp, and the like) and with all
    of them I had to choose between ‘powerfull/overwhelming’ and ‘weak/flexible’.
    Akelos is really powerfull and I feel free to code the application I want.

    I do some advertisment because Akelos is really under-known and I wanted
    to share some feedbacks about my experience.

    The only drawbacks of Akelos are : small community and small documentation.
    It’s mainly because it’s a new project.

    Akelos is a PHP port of Ruby on Rails. And it’s a great port : it respects
    the phylosophy and the features without perverting anything.
    More ! Akelos added many great features of his own that feat gracefully
    with the whole (the multilingual feature and view Sintags are so great
    and easy to use…).
    Akelos rely heavily on conventions and that remove all the overwhelmingness
    of the framework : it’s easy and intuitive.

    Really, you should try it.

    To start, you can look at :
    – The screencast that cover the basic features of the framework :
    – The README.txt in the Akelos archive (zip or svn) :
    – Some basics :
    – To try and get started :
    – The small tutorial (that is going to grow) :

    To learn more :
    – Some documentation wich have to be completed :
    – Classes doc to learn about all the powerfull methods :
    – The forum to grow the community : (very responsive community, despite it is small)
    – The plugins repository (that has to grow) :

    Please forgive my unperfect english and be sure of my sincerity ; I’m not member
    of the Akelos team or anything, I’m just an exultant Akelos user.

    Best regards.


  • cakebaker

    @Willy: Thanks for your long comment, it seems like you are really enthusiastic about it ;-) What do you think are the advantages of Akelos compared with CakePHP?

  • fay

    im getting trouble deciding which one i will use, whether it cakePHP or akelos. in your opinion, which one is better?

  • cakebaker

    @fay: I cannot say which framework is better, it really depends on what is important for you. CakePHP might be better in point x whereas Akelos might be better in point y.

    If possible, I would develop a simple application with both frameworks to get a feeling for them. Read the documentations. Ask questions in the respective communities. And then choose the framework you like more.

    Hope that helps!

  • php frameworks

    According to top 10 php frameworks(,I suggest you compares the three frameworks “Yii Cakephp CodeIgniter”.

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