Upgrading to CakePHP 1.2 pre-beta

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Upgrading to a new version is always risky, especially if there are a lot of changes between the two versions (since the latest alpha release more than 400 commits were made). So it is no surprise if some stuff breaks.

In the pre-beta two files have been removed which may affect your application, even though it is rather unlikely someone used those files: dbo_pear.php (i.e. support for PEAR-DB) and neat_string.php.

More likely is an issue with radio buttons, which has been described (with solution) by Amit Badkas.

Something else that caused trouble for me, is that the following code snippet returns always true in a controller action:


I don’t know whether it is a bug or a feature that this variable is always set, up to now it was only set if you submitted a form as far as I know.

Anyway, it seems like the upgrade caused less trouble than expected ;-)

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  • Brian

    Whew, it broke all *sorts* of things for me. The biggest of which, of course, is the Auth system. I’m going to have to rewrite a lot of code. I guess that’s the risk you run when you develop on an alpha platform.

  • cakebaker

    @Brian: Yes, that’s the risk of using an alpha version. But unfortunately, there is no alternative if you want to use some of the new features…

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