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It is quite some time since my latest overview of new projects on CakeForge, so the number of projects I will cover today is higher than usual ;-)

I grouped the projects in four categories: alive, new, half-dead, and dead. I call a project “alive” if it provides some code, “new” projects are projects created recently, “half-dead” projects posted at least one news item, but no code, and projects are “dead” if there was no activity at all.

Let’s start with the projects which are alive:

Selling Made Simple: A shopping cart. There is an alpha version available as download and the project also has its own website: http://sellingmadesimple.org. I am not sure whether this project is still on CakeForge, at least on the website it points to SourceForge.

Attach This!: A solution for file uploads. An alpha version of this project is available.

mpFacebook: This project follows the goal to integrate Facebook into CakePHP. No release yet, but there is some code in the repository.

MochaLogger: A logging project that follows the logging style of Log4j. You can download it here.

Attachments: Sounds similar to the “Attach this!” project, it allows you to associate files with models. An alpha version (plus some other files) is already available.

New projects:

hans (here’s yet another displayengine): Xslt-based display extensions. I am not sure what exactly this project is about.

Lviv_Pizza: An application to manage a pizza restaurant. For learning purposes.

People manager: A contact manager.

eddyTicket (ticketing system): As the title says, a ticket management system.

Half-dead projects:

BAdaptive CMS: A CMS.

Project Manager: A project manager.

And last, the projects which seem to be dead:

TinyCart: Shopping cart.

Business Directory: Business directory with user reviews and comments.

OpenID for CakePHP: OpenID plug-in.

Cities Gallery Management: Application to manage galleries.

Gestor de Tareas: Task management application.

ScratchR: social media repository: Community-driven media repository.

KSV Noordergouw: Website for an association.

xbaseinc: A demo application.

FooBuzz Event Manager: Event Manager application.

SpaceBake: Tool to manage online game alliances.

Collaborative Data Store: Data management application.

As always, good luck to the projects which are alive, hopefully you get a lot of downloads ;-)

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  • Thomas

    “hans” comes from many, many, realy many discusstion in our development-team about the template-system in cake.
    some of us are working for a long time with xsl-based template-engines and they don’t like the template-system of cake. every week there’s a time when we start this discusstion about pro and contras of the cakephp-template system.
    so, i thought we create a little extension for cake, that the developers can switch between the cakephp-template-system and a xslt-based template system. just to see, if it is usefull or not.

  • cakebaker

    @Thomas: Thanks for the clarification!

  • Drayen

    Just to give a few more details about Attach This!

    One of the big feature of Attach This! is that it uses swfupload (a flash based uploader) so large files can be uploaded with a ajax percentage bar. Which is very handy when transferring images over 10mb (else users can get bored and click away).

    It also comes with a MIT thumbnailer (but phpThumb can be dropped in if you prefer) so images are dealt with gracefully. For non image files Attach This! is packaged with several of the tango library icons and auto detects which ones to use based on the files mime type.

    Finally, Attach This! allows for per association validation and callbacks, e.g. Users->Attachments (photos) can have one set of validation and post upload processing functions and Album->Attachments (mp3’s) has an independent set. Giving you total control over the attachments in your application.

    Feel free to pop onto #cakephp (or #attach_this) and give me a shout if you want more details…


  • cakebaker

    @Drayen: Thanks for your explanations, sounds cool!

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