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Some of you already know it: since I left the CakePHP team I am involved in a new open source project called NoseRub. Together with Dirk Olbertz and Alexander Kaiser.

What is this project about? From the NoseRub website:

NoseRub wants to be an inspiration, protocol and implementation of a decentralized social network.

Currently, the focus is on an example implementation (based on CakePHP 1.2), of which we could release version 0.5 last week (but there is still a lot to do, of course *g*). You can see it in action on, or you can download and install it on your own server (it requires PHP 5).

Feedback is welcome :)

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  • Brian D.

    Hmm… that looks like a pretty slick application. I will have to check it out when (if) I have some free time.

    Is the code base already using the pre-beta version of CakePHP 1.2?

  • John

    Is this a similar effort to Google’s OpenSocial?

  • phpcurious


    I truly appreciate that NoseRub opens its source code to everyone. That way, it helps me alot to learn more
    how to code more effectively, and also learn more about cakephp.

  • Beth

    Extremely Cool ;) Congrats!!!

    I’ll 2nd what phpcurious wrote. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to be downloading and learning.

    It’s great to see a real world cake app with source.

    I wish you guys the best of luck with your new “startup”

  • Tarique Sani

    The concept is very cool! best of luck looking forwards to more

  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments!

    @Brian: Yes, it uses the pre-beta release.

    @John: No, it is different. OpenSocial is a meta-API for social networks, i.e. on Facebook you can access the Facebook-data whereas on Orkut you can access the Orkut-data. But if you are on Facebook you cannot connect with friends on Orkut, and vice versa.

    The idea of NoseRub, on the other hand, is that you can connect with everyone who has a NoseRub-ID, it doesn’t matter on which server it runs.

    I hope it is now more clear :)

    @phpcurious, Beth: I hope you can learn something from it, but please be aware that there are also things which could be done better ;-)

    @Tarique: Thanks!

  • John

    Ah – so you guys are offering a full-service stop, and an API?

    What I’ve poked around on looks pretty cool thus far. Good luck with it.

  • mbavio

    Great website design! Very clean and minimalistic! Congrats!

  • speedmax

    congrats dho.

    it’s a interesting project, So the downloadable app from the web site is just a sample “decentralized” sample app.

    What about the backend ? Tell us more about it if its using cakephp, how they communicate?


  • cakebaker

    @all: Thanks for your comments!

    @John: In the end it is probably more a specification than an API. And the application is an example implementation of this spec.

    @mbavio: The thanks go to Alexander as he did the design. And yes, he did a great job.

    @speedmax: What do you mean with “backend”? The app you can download is the entire app, there is nothing else.

    For the data synchronization we use the FOAF format.

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