Faster baking with bake

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Some time ago some shortcuts were added to the bake script to make it possible to skip all those questions the bake script usually asks:

cake bake model User
cake bake controller Users scaffold
cake bake view Users

For more details on those shortcuts call the bake script with the help parameter like:

cake bake model help

or have a look at Faster baking of controllers with the bake shell script and Baking views.

Recently, a new shortcut was added which makes the aforementioned shortcuts (almost) obsolete. With the “all” parameter it is now possible to bake with one command a model plus the corresponding controller with its views:

cake bake all  // asks you for the model name
cake bake all User  

This feature is currently only available in the development branch, but the next release is probably not that far away…

Happy baking :)

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